District Representatives

Central - Jean Baker  jbaker@dutchmen.us

East Central - Aaron Young   young.aaron@desoto.k12.mo.us

Kansas City Metro - Elizabeth Brockhoff  brockhoffe@parkhill.k12.mo.us

Northeast - Ryan Hampton   ryan.hampton@sc.k12.mo.us

Northwest - Brian von Glahn   vonglahb@platteco.k12.mo.us

St. Louis Metro - Karey Fitzpatrick   karey.fitzpatrick@fhsdschools.org

St. Louis Suburban - Tracy Baker   tbaker@psdr3.org

South Central - Jerry Scott    jerryscott@willardschools.net

Southeast - Tyson Wunderlich   twunderlich@saxonylutheranhigh.org

Southwest - Katie Crigger    criggerk@carthage.k12.mo.us

West Central - Warner Bailey    Warner.bailey@boonville.k12.mo.us

The District Representatives are voting members of the MCDA Executive Board.  The purpose of the District Representative is to be the voice of their district membership to the state board.  This person is responsible for communication within the district for all ACDA/MCDA information and events as well as attending three yearly board meetings so the district continues to have a vote in state matters.   Contact your District Representative if you have any questions about ACDA/MCDA.