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Kirkwood United Methodist Church

Part-time Contemporary Worship Leader

Principal Focus

To lead and grow the Contemporary Worship/Music Ministry at KUMC enabling the

congregation to glorify God through celebration in Contemporary Worship. This person

reports directly to the Lead Pastor.

Education: College preferred


Part-time; Hours: 15– 20 hrs/week

3-4 Sundays off a year

Start date: July 2017

Salary shall be based upon experience and abilities to fulfill the functions and skills

listed herein.

General Duties:

Continue to grow and mature as a godly person of integrity. Pursue being a Christ

follower so that he/she can model and mentor what that is to those around him/her.

Provide leadership, vision, and passion for KUMC in the area of Contemporary Worship

and Music Ministries that is in line with the overall vision, purpose and mission of


Lead in creating and implementing new worship opportunities which align with the

mission and vision at KUMC.

Participate in a weekly Contemporary Worship design team.

Coordinate with the Lead Pastor to create and lead two well-planned and engaging

Saturday and Sunday Contemporary Worship services. This includes:

Leading these Contemporary Worship services

Read scripture and lead in prayer

Overseeing the Contemporary Worship teams (vocalists and musicians)

Preparing for and leading rehearsals

Consulting with lead pastor to coordinate music for the Sunday services

Lead Contemporary Worship vocally and preferably proficient with a guitar, keyboard

and/or other instruments.

Develop and administer an annual budget for the Contemporary Worship ministry in

accordance with the financial policies of the church.

If available, attend staff meetings and participate in the planning and implementation of

church programs that will fulfill the mission and vision of the church.

Assist in planning, implementing and leading Contemporary Worship for special events

outside of Sunday worship services.

Perform other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor.

Either currently is a member of, or is willing to join the membership of KUMC upon

hiring in full agreement of our statement of faith.

It is anticipated that the duties associated with this position will take approximately 15 to

20 hours per week.

Performance Expectations

The annual evaluation of the part-time Contemporary Worship leader will be based

upon the following skills and requirements:


1. Perform the general duties of your job in an excellent manner.

2. Develop and maintain healthy working relationships with the other staff members,

members of the congregation, and members of the community.

3. Exhibit effective leadership.

4. Demonstrate enthusiasm for your work.

5. Exhibit spiritual and emotional maturity.


1. Commitment to the Church’s ministry.

2. Knowledge of church structure, programs and policies.

3. Adherence to church policy as stated in the Book of Discipline.

4. Effectively implement church program goals.


1. Attend continuing education programs and spiritual growth opportunities.

2. Display effective administrative ability

3. Participate in local church, district and conference activities.

4. Perform additional duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

To Apply:

Please send a resume and a cover letter to:

Please provide an audio or video link to an example of your live musical talent.

Must pass criminal background check.


Rev David Bennett

Lead Pastor

Kirkwood UMC

June 14, 2017 | Registered CommenterDana Self