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My second Blog Post

since the website was created.  EEK.  Obviously blogging isn't on my priority list.  BUT if you cruise by this entry, please know that you are a VALUED, RESPECTED and LOVED member of our organization.   Do not ever hesitate to contact me if you have a question about MCDA or anything else choral related.  (I know zero about carpentry... just sayin').   To be honest, I don't have a lot of answers - but what I do have is a lot of contacts!  :)  In 20 years of working with the membership of Missouri, I am certain that I know the person who knows the answer to your question.  ha ha.  



Hi Friends! First blog posting - I'm so excited! If you have something you would like to contribute to the membership, please post it to me here, or email it to me at kbhat@sbcglobal.net. It will be included in the next enewsletter. Thanks to Brian and Tom for getting all this set up. Totally Awesome!! Kathy