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Northwest District

Dustin McKinney, Representative

January 2014

With a special thanks to Dr. Roger Hale and MWSU, 452 students from 43 schools auditioned for All District on Sept. 18. 

All District Festival, conducted by Mark Lawley from Drury University, was held with special thanks to Brian Von Glahn at Platte County High School on Oct. 26th. The 199 member choir was accompanied by Lynn Sanders. All State auditions were held the same day. 

During our annual meeting, David Gorth and Dustin McKinney, acting Dist. Rep., were nominated for the next term. Amber Welter will remain our All State coordinator and Christy Ottinger will remain the All District Coordinator position.  Brian von Glahn and Sally Kirchoff were nominated for the Northwest District Outstanding Director.

We also created a formal position for Elementary/Middle School District Choir Coordinator where Brice Willson was nominated and formally installed. The district was informed about inaugural new sight-singing bee held at Tan Tar A in January 2014.

Dates for next year’s festivities will be decided at MMEA. 

We congratulate our Northwest District directors performing at MMEA and want to express our pride at the standards they bring to our district!

NW District Report
Representative: Dustin McKinney

District Choir Coordinator: Christie Ottinger

State Choir Coordinator: Amber Welter

MS District Choir Coordinator: Brice Willson