Northwest District

Brian von Glahn, Representative

 Happy SWACDA Week!

I hope your school year has been going well.  Contest is quickly approaching and I hope we have all made our registration deadlines without any issues.

As this year continues on, the plans for summer and next year are quickly upon us.  Below you will find a list of upcoming dates for next year.  This is not an all-inclusive list but if there are any other dates or events that someone would like posted, please let me know.

If you know of any directors leaving the Northwest District, please let me know.  Not only would we like to wish them well in their future ventures but we would like to keep an eye out for who is coming into the position.  We would like to make sure to offer them any assistance and information they might need.

Summer MCDA Conference

July 20-23 Come join at Convention!!!!

2016-2017 Preliminary Dates

September 17 District Choir Auditions - MWSU

October 22 District Choir/All-State Auditions

Clinician - Dr. Elise Hepworth

November 12 District Elementary/Middle School Honor Choir Day