Northwest District

Brian von Glahn, Representative

Welcome Back to School!!!

What a wonderful realization that very soon, if not already, wonderful students will be rushing through the hallways and choir rooms will be filled with joyous sounds.  As this year begins, for those that are new to the Northwest District, welcome and please reach out for assistance if you need anything.

All-State Choir Auditions - IMPORTANT CHANGES

*There is a NEW recording and octavo of Exultate Justi on the website.  Please use this new music with your students.

I have added a calendar to this site.  If you would like to include your performance information to this calendar, please email me.  I will share the calendar with you and you can feel free to add to it.  I think it would be a great idea to know what everybody is up to and even have the chance to go out and support each other.

*Have you joined MCDA yet?  If not, it's time!  If you have never been a member and are interested in becoming a member or have any questions about MCDA, feel free to email me.

*On Facebook?  Join the Missouri Choral Directors Association group if you haven't already.

Many blessings on an amazing start to the school year!


Summer MCDA Conference

2016-2017 Dates

September 17 District Choir Auditions - MWSU

October 22 District Choir/All-State Auditions

Clinician - Dr. Elise Hepworth

November 12 District Elementary/Middle School Honor Choir Day