The Officers of the MCDA Executive Board are here to serve you.  The president (six year term) and the Appointed Officers (Treasurer and Membership Secretary),  are voting positions on the board. 

The advisory members of the board are appointed by the president.  The terms are indefinite depending upon the position.  Each advisory members fills a specific role in the administration of state activities.  Do not hesitate to contact any member of the board if you have a question about state procedures/policy or about ACDA/MCDA in general.



President - Jonathan Owen -

President-Elect - William T. Grega - 

Past-President - Brian Reeves -

Treasurer - Sherry Gilpin Printz -

Membership Secretary - Kathy Bhat -

Advisory Members

Recording Secretary - Christy Shinn -

MCDA Reporter Editor - Nick Urvan -

All-State Coordinator - Janice Bradshaw -

Student Representative - Kurtis Heinrich -

Awards Coordinator - Ken Tucker -

Webmaster - Tom Lowery -