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Some Notes on Jazz


Beth Enloe Fritz

Our All-State Vocal Jazz conductor, Jennifer Barnes has some great vocal jazz arrangements out.

Check it out:



Beth Enloe Fritz

Hey everyone.

Something new. The Jazz Psalms with Carol Rogers. I can't think of any better scripture put to music.

Check this out:



Subscribing to MCDA Leadership Blogs in a RSS Reader

If you don’t know what RSS is or how it can save you time when viewing blogs, watch the short video at the link below for a summary of RSS:


As the video says, there are two steps to getting RSS to work to your benefit by saving you from visiting each blog you follow.

Step 1:  Create an Account for an RSS reader.

If you do not already use an RSS reader, I would suggest using Google Reader (http://www.google.com/reader/)  to collect your RSS feeds.  If you already have a Google Docs account (a personal account or through your school), then you can sign into Google Reader with the same login ID and password as you would for your Google Docs and Google Drive.

Here is the link to Google’s Getting Started Guide for Google Reader that includes more information about Google Reader if needed.  


Step 2: Subscribe to the Blog you want to follow (especially the MCDA Leadership Blogs!)

Here’s where the new MCDA site confused me.  I spent several minutes examining the leadership and R&S blogs for an RSS icon or any link that looked remotely like a RSS subscription.  After confirming that none were there, I investigated the help files of our website and found the following links that will allow you to subscribe to our blogs in Google Reader or another RSS reader.

After you have logged into Google Reader, click the red subscribe button on the top left corner of the screen, then copy and paste one of the links below into the box that appears.  Click the add button next to the box and you should see the contents of the blog on the right side of the page.  To subscribe to another blog, repeat the process with the next link.

MCDA Leadership Blog: http://moacda.org/leadershipblog/rss.xml

MCDA R&S Blog: http://moacda.org/rs-chair-blog/rss.xml

You will now be able to view the contents of both blogs in one place and see any new blog entries you have not read.

Beyond the MCDA website:

Once you have your RSS reader set up with the MCDA blogs, you may feel brave enough to subscribe to some other choral or music education blogs to follow them as well.  The advantage of RSS is that it collects the content for you.  You can view many blogs by simply going to your RSS reader.  It will display any blog post you have not read and you can click on the title of the blog entry if you want to visit the original web page.

Other sources for blogs may include college/university choral departments, conductors, composers, and professional ensembles.  If you have a favorite school, conductor, or ensemble, they may have a blog that you can follow in your RSS reader.

Do you regularly follow any blogs that our membership should know about?  

Please share your favorite blog with our membership by adding a comment to this blog entry.