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Student Membership Drive

Thanks to ACDA National, here is another great opportunity for MO college students!  Membership for one year is now only $5!  PLEASE share with a student you know so we can bring more people into our organization.  Once they've experienced the rich benefits of membership, they will likely stay a part of this passionate network for a lifetime. 

Interesting Find

Hi everyone. For some strange reason, I found myself with a little time available for professional browsing this morning. (How did that happen?) Anyway, I found some good stuff in this blog and wanted to share.

I particularly enjoyed the "If You Can Talk You Can Sing?" post and the "Thoughts for an Educator". Lots of potential there for great discussion!



Stephanie Fridley, Children/Boychoir R&S Chair


You Might Be a Choir Nerd

If your mental soundtrack for running includes Dodi Li and Ukrainian River Song, you might be a choir nerd. If you’re caught at a red light doing warm-ups instead of air drums, you might be a choir nerd. If you look forward to the upcoming ACDA national conference as if it were a Caribbean cruise, you might be a choir nerd.

I admit it. All of the above applies to me – I am definitely a choir nerd. And I am especially excited about going to Dallas in March and not at all ashamed to own up to it! If you have never attended a national conference, you should check out the information on the ACDA website. Until the 2011 conference in Chicago I had never gone to a national conference. After the first day I was wondering why in the world I had not done it sooner. The literature and programming ideas I brought back from the reading sessions and concerts were reason enough to go. And then there were the sessions – tips and techniques from internationally recognized experts. Finally, there was the sheer fun of hanging out in a great city with thousands of other choir nerds!

At my school, “choir nerd” is a badge of honor. So, if you’re not too busy in March, head on down to Dallas. All the cool kids will be there!

MCDA Children's Choir/Boychoir R&S Chair - Stephanie Fridley




ACDA Conference Scholarship for Students

ACDA National Office is providing scholarships for free registration to the National Conference in Dallas. Our State will be distributing four scholarships to applicants. Please encourage students you know to apply here before Dec. 15th and to attend the National ACDA Conference in Dallas.



English Language Learners and Music

Surely several teachers have had this experience with their English Language Learning Students, but this is my first time noticing in my own classroom.  I just recently moved from the secondary level to the elementary level and am located in a lower SES area with a diverse group of students (for the St. Peters/O’Fallon area anyway).  One of my third graders just moved into the country from India and has been looking for some extra help with learning the English language.  We just happened to stumble upon a folk song from Singapore in our new music series and he knew the piece!  He helped his classmates learn the Malay language pronunciation and took great pride in leading his class through his own expertise.  What a cool experience to watch a student that hung back in the shadows gain courage from the music we present in our classrooms!

This experience encouraged me to do some more research on helping English Language Learners to connect through the music right at our fingertips.  It needn’t be a song in their native language.  It can even be some easy, repetitive English songs.  Then you can connect cross-curricular aspects and meet your National Standards by relating history and culture to all the students in your classroom.  Just a relatively simple Google search brought some really cool resources to light for me and I am including a few here.

Post a comment to this blog entry if you want to share a similar enlightening and encouraging situation you have experienced.  Or if you know of any fantastic resources you can share with other teachers that have ELL students in their music classrooms.  Here is to continuous encouragement and enlightenment no matter what level of music education we teach!

MCDA Multicultural Perspectives R&S Chair – Diana Grosch