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Discipline Tips | by Ann Taylor & Brian Reeves


Ann Taylor


  • Sing “do” on any pitch (they will join in)
  • Have them echo clap
  • Sing scales using hand signals
  • Start singing a round – split into parts
  • Have a responsible student take roll
  • Plan breaks during the rehearsal
    • Do the “rain forest”
    • Sing “My Bonnie” sit or stand on all “b’s”
    • Echo clap, Echo sing
    • Break into groups and do rounds
    • Tongue Twisters
    • Buddy back rub
    • Exaggerate text by “Tasting every bit of the word”
    • Have them imitate body movements (non-verbally)
    • Examples:  Touch toes, roll shoulders, etc.




Brian Reeves


There are many, many ways to establish discipline.  You have to do what fits your personality.  It is easy to scoff at the old adage “Don’t smile until Christmas” but there is truth in that.  What you let go in September will be unbearable by April.  The kind of April you want needs to be set up in the fall.

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